This familiar (and nostalgic) display and sound were the first real gate that brought her to internet, and then more.

It brought her to thousands of life lessons, the bitter and the better ones. She made friends in spaces/places she never thought she’d have if not for it. She learned and found knowledge unimaginable before. And, some more.

As she has been navigating the unlimited space for decades, it has shaped her core memory–to borrow the trendy phase: it has changed her brain chemistry. And, unlikely will ever stop doing so.

digitally, tante is a chosen space for Ellen Kusuma to reflect on it as she further navigates life in the everchanging-evergrowing space of digital technology. Sharing it with you, too, here. digitally, tante is mimicking the signature at the end of a letter, because everything here is her letter (or story) to the world.

She has been focusing on the issues of digital rights and online gender-based violence for years under her former organization (SAFEnet). She headed the Digital At-Risks subdivision at the end of 2018 and initiated Awas KBGO! project—developed it from a 16 days of activism campaign in 2019 into a well known helpline and knowledge hub for online gender based advocacy in Indonesia, which has benefited various stakeholders, from CSOs and service providers to government institution, at a local level to regional/international level. Take a look at her portfolio.

Her works have propelled her to be online gender based violence advocate, digital security trainer, speaker, consultant, writer, and many more.

Currently she is pursuing doctoral degree at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia. Her study encompasses intersectional issues related to gender, environment, and digital ecosystem.

Catch up or say hi through halo[at]digitallytante[dot]com.